About Geeks

The ”Geeks idea” is to gather geeks from all walks of life, in places where they can share knowledge, madness and friendship.
We build tribes for people with strong interests, and we’re fueled by the idea to take those whose knowledge borders on madness, seriously.

At Geeks, formerly SweClockers AB, we’re now 21 Geeks working full time to bring FZ.se (gaming) and SweClockers.com (computer hardware) to the communities. We’re Sweden’s leading go-to sources in our respective niches.


What's our business model?

Todays consumers don’t buy into corporate communication. They believe in their friends, and they in turn trust the madly devoted. At Geeks we create digital camp fires and gather these devotees in communities and tribes.
Our mission is to give them challenges, tasks, roles and jobs. The prerequisite for that is collaborations, events, sponsorships and traditional advertising.

Do you have what it takes to get the attention of the madly devoted?



Do you want to reach hundereds of thousands of trend-setting tech nerds? Geeks can help you find your place in the spotlight. Our successful editorial environments gathers Sweden’s first adopters, true enthusiasts who are also influental ambassadors among co-workers, friends and family. We work closely and long-term with out customers – some of them have been with us nonstop for more than ten years.

Contact our sales representatives and our acknowledged competense will halp you find the right path for your brand. Regardless if your looking for creative formats, mobile, sponsorships or traditional display advertising.



For direct clients, like resellers, manufacturers or distributors:

Emil Hallestad
+46 (0)767 – 88 78 82


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